Nick…Shut the fuck up!

I feel a rant coming on… On and off I get to wondering just what it is that pisses me off so much about the self-styled ‘muscular liberals’ of the pro-war left, and today’s one of those days. What’s prompted this train is thought is having spotted yet […]

Well done, Gentlemen, Well Done.

“The duty not to countenance the use of torture by admission of evidence in judicial proceedings must be regarded as paramount and to allow its admission would shock the conscience, abuse or degrade the proceedings and involve the state in moral defilement.” Lord Carswell And so, the Law […]

If you can tear yourself away…

…from the media’s instant beatification of an Eton-educated descendent of a royal bastard for a couple of minutes, there is something rather more important going on in the High Court at the moment. Right now there’s a group of ‘Tarzan’s and Man Friday’s’ – that’s precisely how a […]

2005: Blogged

Tim’s post on ‘THE BOOK‘ at Bloggerheads has reminded me that I owe the other Tim (Worstall) the courtesy of a review. Well, what can one say about ‘2005:Blogged‘ that hasn’t already been said? In terms of the ‘great typeface controversy’, I can’t say that I find the […]

Polly, the Mouse and the Fundies

Ok, ok. I know I’m rather a late arrival at the party and taking pot shots at yet another bout of Polly Pot histrionics is hardly the most tasking of activities but I really couldn’t pass up the chance of commenting on her views on the new movie […]

The Cuculinae Code

On February 29th 2002, the famed English explorer and gentleman adventurer, Sir Norville Twiston-Shout VC. DFC. MFI and Bar, was reported missing while on a fly-fishing expedition to the notorious upper reaches of the River Lumbum. Three years later, to the day, Inspector Philippe Singe de Nez of […]

Atavism and Practicalities

Scribbles has written an interesting and very personal reflection on the seemingly interminable debate around the Muslim practice of Hijab – and specifically the burka which represents the most ‘extreme’ (to Western eyes) form of this practice; one which charts, I suppose, the evolution of her own views […]