Guess who’s been learning from Tony…

From the Beeb:

The European Commission is to propose more majority voting on police and justice matters.

The proposals, to be presented on Wednesday, would shift the legal basis for decisions in areas including terrorism and organised crime.

Up to now decisions in these areas have been made by unanimous agreement among the 25 member states.

That’s not the good bit, however – this is:

The President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, said that a large number of the decisions in the fields of justice, freedom and security could be "dealt with more effectively at European level than at national level".

"Security is increasingly becoming a concern of people in Europe. But it is a concern that is accompanied by a feeling of certainty that has been clearly expressed during the debates over the last year: the most effective response in the field of security is the European response," he said in a speech in Portugal.

"People are asking for ‘more Europe’ in order to combat terrorism and organised crime. It is our duty to respond to this appeal, with or without a constitution."

And which people are these, because I haven’t met any of them lately.

WTF is going here – has Tony loaned him Alistair Campbell for a while?

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