Just when you thought it was safe…

I had thought that the only real downside to Charles Clarke’s demise as Home Secretary was the loss on an amusing Google Bomb – in case you haven’t checked Chuckles runs and neck with Elmer, a Canadian cartoon elephant used to teach kids about road safety, etc., for the top spot on a search for ‘Safety Elephant’.

Now we have John Reid at the Home Office, Blair’s very own Toxic Crusader, and boy is he off to a flying start in his new job – he’s only been in post three days and he’s already tried to blame the courts for the Home Office’s fuck up over foreign criminal and now he’s claiming that Blair is:

the victim of a left wing plot to oust him as prime minister

That’s the spirit, John. You’ve only had the job three days and already you’re lying through your fucking teeth.

In case you hadn’t already worked it out, Blair has absolutely no fucking intention of resigning any time soon and if you’re wanting an ordely transition your best bet looks to be a bullet in the back of the fucker’s head – at least that’d be quick, final and well worth the price of a bottle of carpet shampoo and a bit of replacement wallpaper for No 10 – just don’t let Derry Irvine pick the fucking wallpaper if it’s going on your credit card.

There were plenty of good reasons, before this week, why Blair should go, to which we can now add the loss of more than 300 councillors, the BNP and Respect winning seats in what should be core Labour areas and a cabinet reshuffle that amounting to the little more than Blair circling the wagons and hunkering down in preparation for his last stand.

Just about Blair’s only success this week came in heaping humiliation on Geoff Hoon, who thought he’d be attending Cabinet meetings regularly only to find that he’d be attending them ‘when required’. Can anyone think of a good reason to sit in the same room – no, make that the same building – as Buff, let alone invite him to a meeting?

No, I can’t either – and neither can other members of the Cabinet it seems.

I want to make something perfectly clear – when John Reid claims:

"The whole thing has been generated by people who want to push Mr Blair out. They want to stop the reform programme and go back to Old Labour,"

He’s talking out his arse – this isn’t about ‘Old Labour’ and ‘New Labour’ – this is about the future of the Labour Party, of which there is only one – something that the Blairites seem to have forgotten having made the fatal error of starting the believe their own hype.

There are numerous individual reasons why Blair should go that all add up to one thing – we currently have a Party Leader and Prime Minister who is more concerned with his so-called ‘personal legacy’ than he is about the future of the party and our prospects of winning a fourth term. It really is as a simple as that – he’s not going to be fighting another election as leader so why should he give a fuck about the state he leaves the party in at the end of it all – it’s not like he give’s a shit about the membership anyway, hasn’t done for years.

There’s a very simple message we need to be sending to Blair right now…

…if you want to leave behind a personal legacy then do what Reagan did and build a fucking library.

The Labour Party doesn’t need a legacy, it needs a future and that something that Blair cannot offer.

One thought on “Just when you thought it was safe…

  1. You have to bear in mind John Reid also claimed that Andrew Gilligan was given his info on Iraq from ‘a man in a pub’ (he might have been, but that man did turn out to be David Kelly and not the local waccy baccy salesman), and that the whole Iraq row was a conspiracy against a radical centre-left government (at which point everyone either laughed or went ‘which government are you talking about?’

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