Dumber and Dumbest…

The first part of Tim’s weekly dose of bloggy goodness (Britblog Review #65) is available for perusal, from which I find my attention drawn to Suzblog’s comments on the decision of the Appeal Court to rule in favour of the government’s attempts to remove Brian Haw from Parliament Square:

The issue is not his protest but the location and the condition of the area after all these years. He often uses a loud-hailer to shout views at MPs and passers-by. With his placard-strewn campsite, the place is an eyesore and in the hot weather quite pongy. At times the noise is quite deafening. Have to admit, I always walk on the opposite side of the road when going past the area. I feel so embarrassed by the image this ugly looking protest portrays to foreign visitors in front of the British Parliament.

So, while everyone else has been concerned over the civil liberties aspects of this case and the dramatic and unwarranted curbs that SOCAP 2005 has placed on the rights of British citizens to mount peaceful protests in Parliament Square, Susanne is far more concerned that Brian’s protest lacks a can of fucking Oust and a set of chintz fucking curtains.

Hilariously, Susanne’s previous post bewails the Lib Dems loss of control of Islington Council during the recent local authority elections with the time honoured cry of "Where did it go wrong?" – work with me on this Susanne but I rather suspect it might have just a little something to do with morons like you who think the opinions of bunch of lard-assed American tourists more important than our own civil liberties.

2 thoughts on “Dumber and Dumbest…

  1. “I always walk on the opposite side of the road when going past the area.”
    That’s because the silly trout, like everyone else, can’t get near Mr. Haw without rushing across a busy road at one particular place, what with the square being fenced off and all the crossings taken away.

    I don’t know why she would even say this – even if the place hadn’t been specially cut-off, it isn’t a thoroughfare, it’s a bit of grass that serves as the centre of a roundabout (gyratory).

  2. Fortunately, it seems she’s in a minority even amongst her own regular commenters on that one. Honestly, comments like that were one of the things that put me off party politics, I’m now associated with half-baked opinions like that.

    Ah well, at least the party line is consistent.

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