Eric Forth

This doesn’t appear to have hit the press yet, but Iain Dale is reporting, this morning, that Eric Forth, Conservative MP for Bromley and Chislehurst passed away last night.

Crisis of Competence

I should preface this post with a rare – and brief – autobiographical note. Although I work in community development, and have done now for more than ten years, I actually trained as a psychologist (organisational/human factors, not the ‘sit down on the couch and tell me your […]

To trample underfoot all sense, reason and understanding.

The Islamic Reformation has to begin here, with an acceptance that all ideas, even sacred ones, must adapt to altered realities – Salman Rushdie. Faith must trample underfoot all sense, reason and understanding – Martin Luther. There is no worse screen to block out the Spirit than confidence […]

The Shorter John Prescott…

I get paid to go to meetings…

In Britain they first came for the foreigners…

At the end of a week in which the Human Rights Act has come under an unprecedented assault, both in the press and from senior politicians, including the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, and the Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron, it has taken the Telegraph to provide the […]

Dumber and Dumbest…

The first part of Tim’s weekly dose of bloggy goodness (Britblog Review #65) is available for perusal, from which I find my attention drawn to Suzblog’s comments on the decision of the Appeal Court to rule in favour of the government’s attempts to remove Brian Haw from Parliament […]

Oh for fuck’s sake

I see it business as usual… Reid: Bombers never blamed Iraq Home Secretary John Reid has rejected suggestions London bomber Sidique Khan blamed his actions on the Iraq war. Mr Reid was asked if ministers wished to avoid a public inquiry because they feared it would fuel a […]

400 Words* of total crap

I am deeply endebted to Leo McKinistry, as author of the Thunderer column in today’s Times, for providing the following example of complete and utter illiberal crap, which I present today for your general edification – with annotatations, naturally MR JUSTICE SULLIVAN is lucky he is not facing […]

Is this a poofter or what?

No, I’m not beginning a sad descent into homophobia – rather this is apparently (according to the Graun) the question currently being posed by a poll on one far-right website in response to the news that amongst the past achievements of the newly elected leader of the BNP […]

Righting a mortal wrong

Once again, the High Court have come through on the side of justice and chosen to set right one of the most appalling and despicable acts by any British government, certainly in the 60 or so years since the establishment of the United Nations which, I guess, could […]