It wuz the Sun wot dun it!

From yesterday’s Observer…

The home secretary’s decision to move scores of paedophiles out of hostels next to schools backfired spectacularly last night amid concerns many were now under less stringent supervision than before John Reid’s unprecedented intervention.

A Home Office source told The Observer that many of the 70 sex offenders moved out of 11 hostels near to schools and nurseries were now being housed either in voluntary hostels run by church groups or in bed and breakfast accommodation. ‘There’s little option because of a shortage of specialist accommodation units,’ the source said.

Now do people understand why knee-jerk policy reactions to moral panics driven by the media are a fucking bad idea!

One thought on “It wuz the Sun wot dun it!

  1. Only one solution – detention for 28 days for anyone who looks nonce-like, with accompained whipping.

    I’m sure it would be a hit. Infact I’d like it to be pressed into law so much I’ve sent the idea, with a

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