The pack slumbered and only a few watchdogs rattled their chains…

And finally, the story of two (allegedly) former BNP members caught with bomb-making equipment two weeks ago starts to make the national press… sort of…

At the time of writing, ITV news has the story in a sideblock on its main news page, while leading with John Reid’s plans for pandering to the xenophobia of the right wing press, um, restricting the the number of Romanians and Bulgarians allowed to work in the UK after their country’s join the EU.

Over at the Beeb, there’s nothing on therr main news page, which leads with Reid (again), nor on the main UK news page. One has to go to the main news page for England and look down the page under ‘More News from around England’ to find the story, which gets second billing under ‘North’, while the top story in this section is Bradford Council’s new guidelines, which advise schools to ban the wearing of the niqab in class.

Both pieces are entirely perfunctory statements of fact, as befits the reporting of proceedings that are now sub judice.

As for the papers…?

Well, aside from an appearance in the Times’ ‘News in Brief’ section on the weekend after the story first broke – nothing as yet…

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