Press Stand Accused of Illegal Activity

Congratulations and well done to Iain Dale for breaking this story: EXCLUSIVE: Press Stand Accused of Illegal ActivityFollowing up my story yesterday (HERE) on the scandalous conduct of many of our national newspapers and journalists I can now exclusively reveal the contents of a report to be submitted […]

Yet more twattery

There are good day. There are bad days. And then there are those days that just make you despair of the infantile character of the human race… A Tory councillor who suggested gay people were paedophiles was given a conditional discharge today. Peter Willows, who has been a […]

Hypocrisy is a fickle mistress…

Apropos of my last post and the Honourable Member (in its double entendre sense) for Monmouth, David – with a nonentit-‘e’ Davies – Laban Tall has kindly popped up in the comments and pointed me towards this fine example of David’s unquestioned commitment to equality and tolerance. Sunday, […]