Well that’s alright then…huh???

When it seems that Patrick Cormack’s future as an MP may be more secure than everyone first thought… The vote which would have ousted veteran Tory MP Sir Patrick Cormack has been declared null and void. David Billson, chairman of Staffs South Conservatives, said there had been a […]

Tories fail to declare £4.9 million donation?

It’s just been brought to my attention that the Electoral Commission may be investigating the purchase and sale of the Tory’s former headquarters in Smith Square after a Lib Dem Peer, Lord Oakeshott, questioned whether the transaction contains what would be, in effect, a £4.9 million anonymous donation […]

Levelling the playing fields…

The Electoral Commission are supposed to be the independent ‘watchdogs’ of Britain’s democracy, with responsibility for regulating many of the campaign activities (and finances) of Britain’s political parties and yet it seems that they’re just as much part of the ‘establishment’ as anything else if Devil’s Kitchen’s explanation […]