Things to come…?

We will respect MPs’ decision on Lords, says Straw

Jack Straw today vowed to respect the decision of MPs in creating a wholly or predominantly elected House of Lords.

The Commons leader rejected claims that last night’s historic vote in favour of a wholly elected upper chamber was compromised by opponents voting for it as a sabotage ploy.


2 thoughts on “Things to come…?

  1. Well it is about time democracy hit the second chamber so that we have real representative politics. Being elected is better than being in hock to party leader, or down to who’s bastard child you happen to be as in the past.

    A proper thought out second chamber is needed, should it just be a revising chamber? What should the constituencies look like, should they be the same as current Commons ones or different taking in larger areas. Challenging times for democracy, and for participation in the discussion for change for a twenty first century second chamber.

    As for the Lords Spiritual, time for us to face the challenge and disestablish the church. A prime minister appointing a bishop on the recommendation of a panel – not quite the Christian way of doing things. Especially when they believe in the power of prayer, and if every other church in the world can find its leader without political interference it is time for The Church Of England to grow up!

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