Meme, Myself and I

Bloody hell, I’ve been meme’d not once, not twice but three times in a matter of days – twice as a ‘thogger’ (Thinking Blogger, apparently) by Paul Linford and DK, and once by Bob Piper who, courtesy of Tim Ireland, wants to know if I can remember what I was doing four years ago when the invasion of the Iraq was launched.

The answer to the latter is ‘buggered if I know’ – probably shaking my head ruefully in anticipation  of the complete screw up to come, as for the former, it seems I’m required to nominate five other ‘thoggers’, which is rather more difficult than you might think as many of the best out there (Mr Eugenides, Jim Bliss, Chicken Yoghurt, Chris Dillow et al) have already got multiple nominations – but none the less I’ll give it a go and nominate the Yorkshire Ranter and UK Today for starters, add Brian Barder, whose ephems are a must-read, and express some small measure of amazement at finding that neither Obsolete or Phil Edwards have been tagged as yet.

There are numerous other I could mention, but I expect the meme will get around to most of them before long.

All lefties, I’m afraid (no I’m not really), although not for the lack of trying to come up with one but having decided I’d only nominate bloggers who hadn’t already been tagged it didn’t take too long to run through the list of readable right wingers and find they’d already been nominated at least once.

So much for the right stealing a march in blogging, eh? Only if you ignore the lousy signal to noise ratio.

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