Backing Boles?

Iain Dale is little short of incredulous at the suggestion that the Tories might attempt to put up Greg Dyke against Ken Livingstone as a joint Tory/Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London.

No real surprise in that, although what more interest is what appears to be something of a Freudian slip right at the very end of the post that may well hint at which of the declared candidates Iain is backing, as of all the possible tags he could have applied to his post Iain has chosen ‘Greg Dyke’ (obviously) and the name of his one time employee during his time on the board of Policy Exchange, ‘Nicholas Boles’.

Mmm, a sly bit of political advertising methinks –

1. Search for ‘Greg Dyke’ to see what the fuss is about.

2. Find the article on Dale’s ‘blog’

3. Note the words ‘Nicholas Boles’ as a tag on the post, wonder what that’s all about and click the link and eh voila, you find yourself at the article about Boles leaving Policy Exchange to spend more time with his campaign website.

Subtle… and a very web 2.0 way of disclosing who you’re backing, eh?

3 thoughts on “Backing Boles?

  1. Christ, Unity, the Tory sockpuppets are out today…why don’t you ban him…C*NT!…etc, etc.

    Good post!

  2. No more so than your revealing links between UKIP and the BNP – coming soon post that turned out to be nothing more than bit of shit-stirring by the BNP.

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