Coming soon – The Book Burning Act 2007.

The BBC are reporting that that European Interior Ministers have agreed the appalling framework document on racism and xenophobia, aka The Book Burning Act 2007.

5 thoughts on “Coming soon – The Book Burning Act 2007.


    To find out, Yahoo “The Earliest ‘Hate’ Criminals.” (It is still legal in America to read it.) Marge


    I’m not going to remove this, but if you do search for this you’ll find that ‘Marge’ has been spamming a number of blogs with this, which, if you find the webpage to which see refers, take you to a page of anti-Semitic crap.

    Just to be clear, just because I believe in free speech and oppose the criminalisation of holocaust denial – not least because prohibition is counterproductive – does nor give anyone, least of all twats from America, carte blanche to spam my fucking blog with anti-Semitic crap.

  2. Your last comment reminds me of a verse in the latter part of the book of Revelation (I think, from memory, that it is in the 22nd chapter): “Let him who is righteous be righteous still; let him who is filthy be filthy still.” Guess which bent you have – and what the end of the road you’re on might lead to! You might say that you are fulfilling what most humans will be like during the last years before human history ends (just before Christ returns with His kingdom of justice and prosperity for all who follow him). So you see, friend, you are helping to fulfill the latter part of the above verse and unwittingly helping to make the Bible ever more believable! John

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