About the religious freedom business…

Third post on the Playfoot case and Silver Ring Thing, and this times its more of a quickie. One of the arguments being put up by Lydia Playfoot about the ring ban at Millais School has been that other pupils of different religions are allowed to wear their […]

Judge, Jury & Headmaster

In which a report in the Independent provides yet more evidence of systematic stupidity and rampant bansturbation amongst the managerialist classes… Teachers angry over reinstated pupils as exclusions increase There has been a sharp rise in the number of pupils excluded from secondary schools, taking the annual total […]

Asexual Nazis for God?

You know how, sometime, when you’re watching a film/TV drama or reading a book, it turns out that one of peripheral characters in the story ends up being much more interesting than any of the leading players? Well, its seems that for the attention that yesterday’s investigative piece […]

Silver Bling Thing

I guess most people have seen this story from last Friday: ‘Purity’ ring case in High Court A 16-year-old girl has gone to the High Court to accuse her school of discriminating against Christians by banning the wearing of “purity rings”. Lydia Playfoot was told by Millais School […]

Deputy Leadership: Analysis of Results.

Okay, time for a bit of analysis and a few thoughts on the Deputy Leadership contest. I’ve included the round by round results, but done the numbers in more detail, especially in terms of how the redistributed votes split in each round, all of which is laid out […]

Living with Vultures…

There is an old Laotian proverb which seems apt this morning: Live with vultures, become a vulture; live with crows, become a crow. Why? Just read this from Iain Dale, this morning: Labour MP Dies The Labour MP Piara Khabra has died thus causing a by election. I’m […]

Iain Dale’s maths shames bloggers

Yep, another day, another Tory and another half-arsed commentary on the subject of abortion. Abortion Figures Shame This Country Question: How many babies were born in the UK in 2006? Answer: 635,679 Wrong, even after the efforts of one of two people in the comments boxes to sort […]

Giddens Unspun

Can anyone remind me why Anthony Giddens used to be a big deal in New Labour circles? Because if this is the best he can come up with… Gordon Brown has recently spoken of his plans for tough new laws to combat terrorism. His proposals have been met […]

He’s not the Messiah… he’s a fuckwit!

Mad Frankie ‘The Welfare Reform Messiah’ Field is at it again in the Torygraph. Gordon Brown’s flagship tax credits programme “brutally discriminates” against two-parent families and actively discourages single parents from forming stable relationships, a damning report says today. Frank Field, the former Labour minister, has produced findings […]

Hidden Gem

Like a lot of people, I’ve got cable TV (you may well have Sky instead but for the purposes of this post, same thing) which much of the time seems to amount to not much more than the ’14 channels of shit’ that Roger Water’s sang of on […]