Marr-ing the historical record

I should imagine that Iain Dale will be pleased with Andrew Marr’s account of the Thatcher years in his ‘History’ of Modern Britain – and yes I have got the quotation marks in the right place – not least for his slavish adherence to popular myth surrounding the […]

Why is the Indy shilling for Big Pharma?

When my oldest child was born – 15 years ago… gulp! – my partner and I made a conscious decision that, I’m glad to say has born dividends and has, so I’m convinced, rewarded my son, and his younger sister, who came along later, with something very precious […]

If you’ve got ’em by the balls…

Apropos of my guest appearance, this week, at Iain Dale’s Dairy, its seems that David Davis’ Dandie Dinmont (or Cameron’s Chihuahua, if you prefer) is finding a simple exercise in English comprehension a little too difficult to cope with. Let’s finish up from last Tuesday and his efforts […]

Lowde and Clear…

Many thanks to Genette (in comments) for directing me to this from the Oxford Mail: Cyberstalker Felicity Jane Lowde has been caught by police as she sat in an Internet cafe typing away. One element of this that has not been made public to this point, but which […]

Bog Standard

On first sight I honestly thought that this was a pisstake. No really. I looked at it, read it through carefully and thought – ‘You have got to be shitting me’. But no, what follows is a real press release from Partnerships for Schools. 25 April 2007 New […]

Mad Nad 2 – Shooting Marlin with an Uzi.

Mad Nad’s back on the subject of abortion and the Catholic Church and no more coherent than last time around… To add further to yesterday’s blog, I agree with the majority of what the Cardinal said in his homily. The Abortion Act of 1967 was based on lies […]

The thin end of the wedge (strategy).

Yes, I know fisking Nadine Dorries is yet another exercise is shooting tuna in a bucket with a 12 gauge, but this nonsense on abortion fully deserves the complete works… So, the Roman Catholic Church has gone nuclear on abortion. What, they want to start nuking doctors? As […]

Narcissus has turned to a flower… a flower?

What more is there to be said on the subject of Rachel North and her erstwhile internet stalker, Felicity Jane Lowde. Well, for one thing, Rachel is not Lowde’s only victim. Take Daniel Hart, for example. Daniel is a graphic designer who made – in retrospect – the […]