PodsandBlogs 14 Aug 07: Iraqi Workers Seeking Asylum

Radio Five Live’s ‘Pods and Blogs‘ show has been kind enough to pick up on and feature the ongoing blog campaign in support of those Iraqi employees who’ve worked for, and are still working for, UK forces and who now find themselves under threat from local militias and death squads.

The show, a podcast version of which is hosted here, includes an interview with Dan Hardie, who kicked off the campaign – no more needs to be said, just listen and understand…


And in case you haven’t figured it out by now, Tim Ireland’s sorted out this video to explain it to you… in Post-It notes.


13 thoughts on “PodsandBlogs 14 Aug 07: Iraqi Workers Seeking Asylum

  1. I had just started to like the old style. This looks kind of good though.

    The post titles behave badly in Firefox if they are long – they go onto two lines and obscure the meta info at the start of the post

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  3. Re: Radical Muslim
    Good to see the Muslim faith spreading the message of tollerance. Britain gives you housing, infrastructure and a standard of living the most could only dream of and how do you show gratitude? By spreading religious poison in your own communities and around the internet.

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