No time to blog this fully but: Waltham Forest councillor found guilty of smearing rival LABOUR Cllr Miranda Grell has been found guilty on two counts of making false statements under the Representation of the People Act 1983 – the first case of its kind in Britain. She […]

Schilling for Business

A quick at look at the website of Schillings, the legal firm responsible for the [temporary] removal of Bloggerheads et al turns up a number of case studies that are particularly illuminating as to what they reveal about the manner in which the firm operates. Take, for example, […]

Taking on the libel laws – more thoughts.

My thoughts on bloggers taking the fight to Britain’s berserker libel laws have already prompted a few responses and several questions/queries that are worth addressing. Dizzy has kindly pointed out – in comments – that there’s a question mark hanging over the definition of ‘publication’ for the purposes […]

Pussy Galore

I’ve mentioned on a few occasions Denis Healey’s first rule of holes – when in one, stop digging – a lesson that seems lost on the BBC in its handling of the Great Blue Peter Cat Naming Scandal. The scenario is pretty straight forward. A while back, Blue […]

Wealth (n). Impunity.

I won’t dwell on the details of Tim Ireland et al’s current run-in with a toad-like Uzbek billionaire oligarch, as Obsolete’s coverage of the issues sums things up to a tee: Alisher Usmanov and his shower of lackeying legal cunts, Schillings, have finally pulled off a very pyrrhic […]