The End of the Argument

In case you’re not already convinced: Iraqi interpreters working for the British Army have been advised to leave Basra or be killed. The warning was issued by a leading member of the city’s security forces after militiamen attacked and destroyed the home of one interpreter and narrowly failed […]

No Whitewash in Waltham Forest

I’m really not sure quite what to make of the case in Waltham Forest in which Miranda Grell is currently awaiting a verdict on two counts of making false statements about an opponent, a sitting Lib Dem councillor and cabinet member, during the course of the 2006 local […]

The novelty soaks in

Been appallingly busy with real world stuff of late, but having been pointed, by Mr Eugenides, to this excellent and finely nuanced commentary on the increasingly tortuous ‘relationship’ between the media and the McCanns – way to go Kulvinder – I can’t resist throwing my own twopennorth into […]

Cameron’s ‘I’m not racist but…’ immigration policy

I’m going to break off from the business of pulling apart Cameron’s vacuous and tendentious mini-manifesto on law and order for a moment… …to pull apart Cameron’s vacuous and tendentious remarks on the subject of immigration. Changing the subject, in this case, does not require too much in […]

Cameron’s Intelligence Crisis – part 3

This one’s going to be short and sweet: 1.4 Reform the police Empowering beat officers and freeing up police time must be accompanied by real measures to ensure that these new powers are used properly. We need a culture of proactive policing. Yet as the Association of Chief […]