As I was saying only yesterday…

Its not the government who’re behaving like cowards here – they’ve taken the decision to rule out a referendum and that it will be for parliament to decide on the ratification of the treaty – and it will be for the electorate to judge them according on that […]

What is it about men named Green?

Oh dear, David Green – a director of Civitas, apparently – thinks we’re heading towards totalitarianism: Until 1967 gays could be sent to prison. Now, 40 years on from liberalisation, one gay pressure group wants people who criticise gays and lesbians to be put in jail. The gay […]

Dya ken, John Doe

Iain Dale is looking for a bit of advice: Just a warning to those ‘anonymous’ commenters who think they can say anything they like on a blog and get away with it. Well you can’t. I’ve always maintained that anyone on the internet is subject to exactly the […]