The Ministry of Truth is pleased to present exclusive footage from today’s Respect party conference.


3 thoughts on “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. Lest we forget the old student joke- 4 Trotskyites on a desert island would form 3 ‘socialist’ parties and an entryist faction.

    Except they are not, of course, socialist. Certainly not social, their bullyboy tactics of the 1980s caused so much direct and indirect damage to the Labour Party that they were Maggie Thatcher’s best friends.

    Trots and Tories- the anti-people alliance. Lest us not forget that either.

  2. I seem to recall on one of those bad reality TV shows that Gormless George keeps whoring himself on, naming a political party “Respect” was like naming a brand of toilet cleaner “Delicious”.

  3. Yes Epsilon…let`s not blame socialism for the occasional opportunist egotist who attaches himself to left wing ideas. Weren`t Sir Oswald Moseley and Sir Robert Maxwell Labour MP`s at one time?Weren`t the Nazi`s called National Socialists?

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