Being A Helpful Sort…

Based on this e-mail…

From: []
Sent: 13 February 2008 15:57
Subject: Response Source – Diana Appleyard , Daily Mail
PUBLICATION: Daily Mail (Request for personal case study)
JOURNALIST: Diana Appleyard (staff)
DEADLINE: 14-February-2008 16:00
QUERY: I am urgently looking for anonymous horror stories of people who have employed Eastern European staff, only for them to steal from them, disappear, or have lied about their resident status. We can pay you £100 for taking part, and I promise it will be anonymous, just a quick phone call. Could you email me asap? Many thanks, Diana
Phone: not provided for use
Fax: 01296 738083 (preferred)

I’m guessing that this is the kind of thing that the Mail is looking for…


Hat Tip – Alex Hilton

3 thoughts on “Being A Helpful Sort…

  1. Someone on the Labourhome site was complaining there was no response to their question about a supposed Code of Conduct.

    Seeing as I can’t find a place to comment on that site (sorry, I’m inept) I thought if fair to add this to yours Unity.

    Of course, this code isn’t the one the Society of Editors subscribe to… no, they subscribe to the… wait for it… Society of Editors Code of Conduct.

    Which is a bit like having the Press Complaints Commission staffed by editors like Paul (Mail editor) Dacre and Peter (Express editor) Hill…

    ah… I see the flaw…

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