Roll up your trouser legs before entering

Oh well, I thought I’d finished with the invective for today but then this turned up on the Beeb’s RSS feed…

Brothel users ‘should give DNA’

Men using brothels and massage parlours should be made to give DNA samples in an effort to reduce the number of prostitute murders, an MP has said.

Ex-Labour minister Denis MacShane told the House of Commons that such tests would also be “a way of getting men to face up to their responsibilities”.

…Mr MacShane, MP for Rotherham, asked Commons leader Harriet Harman: “Would she agree that taking DNA samples from men who go to massage parlours and brothels would be a way of getting men to face up to their responsibilities in this regard?

“Because almost all the horrible murders of prostituted women are by men who have frequented them beforehand.”

What the fuck?

Tell you what Denis, while we’re at it why not suggest that the police should take DNA samples from everyone who’s got a bank account because almost all bank robbers are people who frequented banks beforehand?

Or how about taking samples from everyone visiting a Jobcentre because almost all people who fiddle the dole have visited them beforehand?

Or better still, how about taking DNA samples from MPs as they pop into the office to put their expenses claims because we can be fucking well certain they’ve all visited there beforehand?

Or how about you stop putting up fucking stupid ideas and treating everyone in the country as a fucking suspect and try remembering for once that you’re supposed to a servant of the fucking people and not their master?

Did I miss something here or has parliament somehow turned into a dodgy Masonic Lodge over the last few years?

Is there’s going to be a sign going up over entrance…

Welcome to the Houses of Parliament…

Head Office of the Loyal and Ancient Order of the Authoritarian Cunt

3 thoughts on “Roll up your trouser legs before entering

  1. MacShane’s got form on this issue: he’s a keen supporter of the proposal to criminalise men who pay for sex, which if passed, would make the proposal redundant anyway, as offenders would end up on the DNA database.

    Result! Isn’t New Labour wonderful?

    PS: MacShane is of course assumning that every male who visits prostitutes wants to beat them up and/or kill them, because that’s why they visit prostitutes.

    PPS: New Labour also has form on trying to regulate people’s sexual behaviour, rather than their sexual identities: be gay by all means, just doing do anything too kinky, as it were – and certainly don’t pay for it.

  2. You might be interested to learn that Lord Justice Scott Baker, when he isn’t conducting the inquest into Princess Diana’s death, frequents massage parlours. It might be a good idea to collect this DNA. One should not assume that a judge would not go around killing prostitutes.

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