So who’s getting desperate here?

I never thought I’d say this but on current evidence if you want to follow the burgeoning MPs/MEPs expenses saga as its unfolds then you’d be better served following the action at Guido’s than you would reading the newspapers, not because Guido is necessarily any quicker with the […]

Exclusive: Dorries to Face Standards Inquiry

The latest febrile rantings of the MP for Mid-Narnia make for rather interesting, if slightly bizarre, reading: The frenzied attack against Conservative MPs and MEPs, orchestrated by and emanating from the left wing BBC and press has equalled that of an animal in its death throes. The more […]

Spelman’s Nanny State

I doubt very much that Dizzy’s commentary on Caroline Spelman’s state-funded nanny situation will be making the ‘Daley Dozen’ today or any day soon, after all Dizzy has taken the eminently sensible view that its never a good idea for a blogger to be drawn into defending the […]

The worst leaked document in history

I’m in a good mood this afternoon… so good, in fact, that I’m going to save Iain Dale a job and embarrass a political journalist Sam Coates (he of The Times and not the one who writes for Tory Home) has a ‘leaked’ Tory strategy document of which […]

Push-polls and Co-payments

Having given a little thought, there are a couple of things I want to pick up on from yesterday’s article on the NHS’s co-payments policy. The first comes by way of a little bit more research into the Doctors for Reform campaign group, research that yielded up the […]

A Mephistophelian Bargain…

It’s seems to be the lot of bloggers, in today’s world of 24 hour churnalism, to do the job that investigative journalists used to do and, so it seems, nowhere more so than when it comes the reporting of health ‘issues’, especially those in which public policy plays […]

It’s nice to be wanted…

Do you think this is multiple choice? Via FreeThoughtPedia and Pharyngula