SSG/SPCK motion to dismiss chapter 7 application

As promised, I can now provide a full copy of the motion to dismiss the application for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filed by Mark Brewer in respect of the seemingly non-existent SSG LLC.

Ordinarily I’d run this though an OCR package to generate text that can easily be copied and pasted but, unfortunately, on this occasion the quality of the original scans is not good enough to make this a doable exercise in the time I have available, so its a pdf download I’m afraid:

SSG/SPCK Motion to Dismiss chapter 7 application

One important technical point that needs to be understood. The ‘Trustee’, Randy Williams, who filed this motion is not a trustee of SSG in the sense we understand the term in UK Charity Law.

He is a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee whose role is much the same as that of a liquidator or the Official Receiver in the UK, i.e. his role is to take possession of any non-exempt assets remaining to the bankrupt individual/company, liquidate them and distribute the proceeds to the debtor’s unsecured creditors.

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