The Case of the Disappearing Endorsement?

Mmm, a curious thing seems to have happened over at Tory Home where, according to the Google Alert that dropped into my in-box earlier today, Tim Mongomerie seemed rather keen on the idea of Nadine Dorries joining Eric Pickles in being elevated to a position amongst the great and the good at CCHQ.

This is what actually arrived…

Put Eric Pickles and Nadine Dorries in CCHQ
By Tim Montgomerie
We also believe Nadine Dorries would make a superb Deputy Tory Chairman. She’d bring glamour and principle to the Tories’ media operation. In recommending Eric Pickles for CCHQ we don’t mean to disrespect Caroline Spelman.
ConservativeHome’s ToryDiary –

Unfortunately, by the time the alert arrived, all mention of the Nadster and the ‘glamour and principles’ she’d apparently bring to the Tories’ media operation (no, don’t start laughing just yet) had vanished without a trace and the headline for this article noew reads simply:

Put Eric Pickles in CCHQ

And of Nadine Dorries there is no trace of a mention, not in the article and not even in any of the comments.

Why, I wonder, has Tim suddenly gone cold on the idea of Dorries becoming a ‘superb Deputy Party Chairman’?

Is this is a sign that Tim and Nadine, about whom there was some romantic speculation in the diary columns a while ago, have gone and pulled a Guy and Madonna?

Did Tim get a hasty ‘don’t even think about it’ phone call from CCHQ or maybe an ‘over my dead body’ call from Eric Pickles?

Or has Tim’s personal monkey butler been using his account at Tory Home to register their disapproval of the Nadster’s prejudicial comments about ‘humanzees’ from last week?

Only a few hours short hours ago, Tim considered the Nadster to be an ideal candidate for promotion – now there’s not a whiff of approving commentary on the subject to found anywhere at Tory Home.

Anyone care to enlighten us as to why?

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