British Wildcats Exposed – Exclusive

I can exclusively reveal that the operator of the British Wildcats website, which featured on tonight’s Newsnight, is actually BNP ‘web guru’, Simon Bennett.


Bennett, who lives in Cornwall and is listed on the leaked BNP membership list as an activist, also operates a number of other BNP front websites, including those of the ‘Association of British Ex-Servicemen’, the BNP’s fake ex-forces organisation and that of its religious front operation, the ‘Christian Council of Britain’. He is also the designer/webmaster behind the website of BNP London Assembly member, Richard Barnbrook, and the BNP’s main national website.

The proof?

A WHOIS search on gives an IP address of and DNS records hosted by nameservers registered to

Bennett is the owner of, which he registered under his real name, giving the domain name, as its administrative contact, leading us back to Bennett’s personal site – – and to his ‘featured sites’, including Barnbrook’s and those of ABEX, CCOB, The ‘National Liberal Party’ (yep, another fascist front) and the BNP’s ‘Great White Records’.

Of these sites, all but the ABEX and Great White Records sites operate from the same reseller account and IP address – – the same IP address and account as the British Wildcats site.

And, to clinch the deal, the BNP’s own national website, which credits Bennett as its designer, operates from the same hosting service/account, albeit under its own IP address of, just one address away from that of Bennett’s site, Barnbrook’s site and the British Wildcats site.

All of which confirms this to be an official/semi-offical BNP front operation.


30 thoughts on “British Wildcats Exposed – Exclusive

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  2. The BNP are going nuclear over this, in case you couldn’t already tell. A second email from them today (I ended up on their list when I signed up to argue with some knuckle dragger linking to me), of which this bit is especially amusing:

    “Meanwhile the Truth Truck has been in action in and around the Lindsey refinery at Immingham (pictured right). BNP leafleting teams were greeted with enthusiasm from protesters but were asked to leave by the police following threats and abuse from a group of extreme far-left troublemakers.”


  3. Whoops, didn’t put two and two together with septicisle’s comment, or I’d have referenced it.

    @septicisle, from that video I think they looked not so much like “far-left troublemakers” as “pissed-off workers.” But I suppose if you’re the BNP then anyone who practices a craft involving hard work or taking pains counts as a troublemaker, and almost everyone in the world looks far-left wing.

  4. […]The website calling itself (slogan, you guessed it:- British jobs for British […]

    I heard that “British Jobs for British …” slogan, now being used by the BNPee’s ‘Wildcat website’, began it’s life as a National Front (neo-Fash) slogan in the 1970s.

    Wonder if Gordon Brown knew about its history when he used it?

  5. loads of polish workers went out on strike in solidarity with wildcat strike at Cottam & other places in 2006. Before the corporate media latched onto British jobs for British workers foot & mouth media BS.

    poles came out in portsmouth there is some debate about numbers, not that important, be good to confirm, poles still came out & so would portugese if BNP were involved so much
    nazi scum reaction on
    proves this info bothers the scumbags hiding behind the british flag, holocaust denying scum, what will they say next as fact? the luftwaffe were painted over calais maybe? poles know about solidarity, they stood upto stalin before WW2as well & brought it down the berlin wall. My family were there in both cases.
    We remember the molotov-ribbentrop pact?nazi noobs.They are a waste of space, they lick the most corrupt corporate media & bosses+stalinist butts, they make crusties look like Peirce Brosnan.

  6. bearfacts is great, they have a great forum too& if you do a search on the site they are well against the BNPs shite.
    nation of Duncan needs some help though, he seems to have been abit overidden by spamming nazis, personally I dont know why he lets the wasters comment

  7. You went through all that to tell us this, Sherlock?

    Surely the fact that the BNP ‘Wildcat’ leaflets and ‘British Wildcats’ PDF leaflets (available to download on and were identical, kind of gave the game away from the very beginning?

  8. A difficult situation, agreed. But the strikers had a fundamentally sound case, whatever heir dodgy “British Jobs for British Workers” slogans. We must ensure that this strike wave is used by UNITE and the GMB , to put pressure upon Labour for a return to the social market.Under no circs must this dispute be used to back the anti-EU campaign that Mr Brian Denny, the “Morning Star” brigade and the BNP would wish to entice us into.

  9. ??Knuckledragger if you dont appreciate the cottam power station link fine, great name by the way, have you got a SIA certificate to go with it?.
    Yes we know the BNP were the same, proof helps though, nice1 for being miserable though, I did go abit awol on this as Iam part pole Iam entitled to.
    Has anyone spoken to Jerry Pickford UNITE themselves or been down to Plymouth so we can nail the just 35 or hundreds of poles quote on the head??, if I can I will speak to Jerry on monday myself.

  10. You idiots! I see comments like ‘well done’ and ‘I knew it’ – just go to the BNP and click the great big ‘British Wildcats’ banner that states it’s a BNP operated site… you thick leftist liberal idiots. Mind you, you labour supporting knuckle draggers arn’t that clever.

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