My god is a jealous god

One from the file marked, ‘Nah… fuck off!‘…

A couple have taken legal action after claiming motion sensors installed at their holiday flat in Dorset breached their rights as Orthodox Jews.

Gordon and Dena Coleman said they cannot leave or enter their Bournemouth flat on the Sabbath because the hallway sensors automatically switch on lights.

The couple’s religious code bans lights and other electrical equipment being switched on during Jewish holidays.

They have now issued a county court writ claiming religious discrimination.

From smiting Canaanites by the thousand to fretting over an automatic light switch in the space of only 3,000 years or so – my how the almighty has fallen.

4 thoughts on “My god is a jealous god

  1. This reeks of bullshit. I’ve stayed with religious (though not Orthodox) Jews in Israel, and they made rather clever use of timers specifically so their injunction against working on the Sabbath would not mean they didn’t have any electricity.

    Of course it’s entirely possible that some Orthodox Jews consider that to be a breach of the spirit of the rules, but it’s equally possible that these two fucknuts just don’t understand what they can and can’t do on a Sabbath.

    One also wonders, inter alia, if they would have such an issue with, say, the motion detectors on a burglar alarm…

  2. Some rabbis claim that motion sensitive lights *are* different from timers, because the former are activated by your actual actions on the Sabbath, whereas the latter aren’t.

  3. Could they just not assume that the lack of thunderbolts striking them from the heavens means that their God can’t really be that arsed about the thing one way or the other?

  4. That’s the sign of a Diety I can worship. One that predicts the invention of motion censor light switches and makes a rule for it.

    Takes all the worry out of life. This is okay, this is not okay. Hey… wait a minute!

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