Doing Dorries a Disservice

As might be expected, Tom Chivers’ post on Nadine Dorries’ ‘Right to Know’ campaign has drawn a response from Dorries, even if she is merely intemperately parroting the comments of Dr. Peter Saunders of the Christian Medical Fellowship: Tom Chivers has done the Daily Telegraph a disservice which […]

In defence of David Fergusson

Tom Chivers is something of a rare beast; a Daily Telegraph journalist who is both scientifically literate and honest enough to offer a critical commentary on articles appearing in his own newspaper. As such, I was pleased to see Tom weighing in on the subject of Nadine Dorries’ […]

Wikileaks? Meh…

This may be rather an unfashionable thing to say at the moment, but I’m getting a bit bored with this whole Wikileaks ‘cablegate’ business and rather wish that it would all go away for a while. Much of the problem I have resides in the manner in which […]

Nanny McTeather’s Bansturbation Fetish

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Department for Education’s announcement of yet another government review of the ‘commercialisation and sexualisation of children’ is the official statement given by Children’s Minister, Sarah Teather, which includes the following statement: We’ve all read the headlines about high-street shops selling inappropriate […]

Rape Statistics – What can we rely on?

Before we get into this properly, there’s a bit of background information I need to share with so you’ll understand, fully, how and why this article came to be written, what – exactly – I’m trying to achieve here. The origins of this article lie in a three-way […]

Bleachgate – the British connection

Let me introduce you to Christian Pankhurst… According to his Twitter profile, Christian is ‘about living from the heart, expanding awareness beyond the mind and helping people connect intimately’ but he also has an interesting sideline selling a so-called ‘miracle cure’ made of an industrial bleaching agent, sodium […]