How far will The Sun go for a kiss and tell

27. Mr Spearman raises the alternative argument, verging on the bathetic, that The Sun should at least be allowed to tell the Claimant’s wife what it knows, or thinks it knows. This is a difficult one to follow. NGN is a media group legitimately interested in making profits from communicating to the world at large. It surely does not aspire to the role of social worker or “relationship counsellor”. Its Article 10 rights are hardly engaged by this subsidiary argument at all. It was faintly suggested, therefore, that it should be allowed to pass on the story to the Claimant’s wife in the furtherance or protection of her Article 8 right to family life. The Claimant regards this as so much humbug. The point of Article 8 is that it is not supposed to be any of NGN’s business.

CTB v News Group Newspapers Ltd & Anor [2011] EWHC 1326 (QB) (23 May 2011)

I suppose we should be grateful that they didn’t try to offer Mr Justice Eady a blowjob.

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