Coming Soon – Rhys Morgan the Movie

It would appear from today’s Twitter traffic that Rhys Morgan has now hit the big time with the acquisition of his own personal fruitloop, who comes complete with their own batshit insane Youtube channel, ‘SKEPTICSexposed’ (seven videos and counting, so far).

That said, most of the smart money is heading toward the suggestion that Rhys may only have joint-custody with Popehat, who’s still jawing away with Marc Anthony Stephens (the likely culprit) to rather amusing effect, at least for the time being.

In all, it does seem just a bit unfair to leave Rhys to tackle this one all on his own.

Although he’s advanced rapidly over the last couple of years to become the youngest ever level 15 skeptic, he is still only seventeen and,as such, he doesn’t get his extra hit dice or his +3 to hit delusional morons bonus until his 18th birthday, so I think its time that one of us old lags to step in an correct one of the more obvious misconceptions that Rhys’ pet idiot is spreading around.

Its been claimed, for example, that Rhys is a member of a global skeptical conspiracy which is being secretly coordinated via the James Randi Educational Foundation.

This is, of course, complete and utter nonsense – as much as we hold James in the highest regard, he’s still no reptile and, sad to say, the current Grand High Lizard of our order is still far to0 much of a traditionalist to permit any mammal to join the upper echelons of the New, New, New World Order, regardless of their long years of loyal and unstinting service to the cause.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of openness and transparency, I can throw Marc a bit of a bone by revealing that a full history of the New, New, New World Order – ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Psion’ – has actually been in open circulation since 1983, following an unfortunate incident in which a dissident member* of the High Council concealed an e-text copy in the source of code of the popular computer game ‘Manic Miner’.

*If you’re at all wondering what happened to this dissident ex-High Council member, my understanding is that he was permanently exiled to 15th Circle of the Furthest Hell, a place which I believe you mammals commonly refer to as ‘Slough’.

Unfortunately, for Marc/SKEPTICSexposed, this e-text can only be accessed by those of us who’ve been fully educated in the art of performing a Quirkafleeg, and this is one thing I’m not categorically not allowed to explain to anyone who hasn’t completed the full twenty-six fold path and the 15 ritual obeisances to the One True God of all Skeptics, ‘Itsyourroundinnit’…

So, I guess this isn’t perhaps the most useful information I could have offered Marc.

Ah, whatever – he’s only a fucking mammal, anyway, so what do I care…

5 thoughts on “Coming Soon – Rhys Morgan the Movie

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  2. “Marc Anthony Stephens (the likely culprit)” Are you suggesting that the SKEPTICSexposed dude is Marc S? Seems unlikely, unless he is much less ranty on video than he is in writing. I mean some of the videos are almost reasonable… relatively speaking of course…

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