So about this Samantha Brick thing…

No, I’m not going to add any more fuel to an unnecessary fire, my question here is actually very simple…

Why has no one bothered to do the most basic background research on this whole non-story?

The name ‘Samantha Brick’ is unusual enough that simple News Archive search on Google turns up one or two previous tabloid articles under this byline and from there you’re only a search on Journalisted away from discovering that she’s had 21 articles published in various newspapers since 2009, all in the genre ‘women’s lifestyle shite – probably bullshit’.

So, the next time you run across a bunch of bullshit in the Mail, Express, Sun, etc. that reads like it really should be sandwiched between a page of sudoku puzzles and a wordsearch then for fuck’s sake just ignore it and don’t fucking tweet about it, it only encourages the bastards.

3 thoughts on “So about this Samantha Brick thing…

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  3. There’s also a highly revelatory abandoned attempt at blogging and tweeting which is accessible to anybody from her Twitter profile. My hunch would be that this was a blogging money making scheme gone awry. 

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