Dorries vs Mensch

There’s a comment that’s popped up on the #Dorries hashatg that merits a little clarification…

Beginning to think Louise Mensch is an #Dorries. Better clothes, similar relationship to reason.

Seems a bit harsh on Louise Mensch for reasons that are perhaps best explained by way of a couple of  analogies.

As far as Mensch is concerned, my own impression is that her main problem is that she has a habit of putting her mouth into fifth gear while her brain is still idling in neutral, and that’s not that uncommon a problem amongst some backbench MP and other public figures – in fact its pretty much a prime qualification for a job on a daytime talk show.

Dorries, on the other hand, exemplifies the problems that arise when someone tries to run a Hummer-sized mouth with a 50cc brain.

In anatomical terms, its the difference between dropping a bollock and being a total dick.

5 thoughts on “Dorries vs Mensch

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  5. Having observed Louise at HOC yesterday in the Queens Speech debate, I have to agree with the tweeter. She constantly vied for attention, bobbing up and down throughout in an attempt to make an intervention. When Ed Miliband allowed her to, he was clearly ready for her, armed with a quote she had made at the weekend. Predictable, attention seeking but undoubtedly a very attractive person both in looks and personality. Ah, I see your point, not so much like Nadine Dorries after all then 😉

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