I Get Spam Email

When you’ve been online for as long as I have it’s easy to fell that you’ve pretty much seen it all, particularly when it comes to spam, but the email that’s just landed in my mailbox is a new one even for me.


Thank you very much for interest in our medical products.

Here at Hangzhou Zhenbang Medical Device Company, Ltd. we have many years of experience in the manufacturing and distributor of top quality medical supplies including Condom ,Rapid test strip like HIV, HCG, Drug test, Urine test strips . We are a premier manufacturer and distributor of urine bags, Nelaton tubes, rectal tubes, vacuum blood-collection systems, blood bags, infusion sets, and surgical equipment such as staplers, dressing, towels, drapes, and colostomy bags.

We also provide gastroenterological products such as feeding tubes and nutrition bags, Digital Thermometer, Digital blood presure monitor and Ear thermometer.

Please refer to the attachment to see our best export prices for these professionally made products. You are most welcome to contact me at this email address [address redacted] with any questions or comments that you may have regarding our products and distribution.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.




Miss Betty -Jim


Customer Representative for  Hangzhou Zhenbang Medical Device Company

Hangzhou, China



Still, I suppose I should reply to her kind offer.

Dear Miss Betty-Jim

Although I can’t say that I recall expressing an interest in your product line it’s a least gratifying to know that I’ve clearly gone up in the world and am now being offered clinical grade fetish equipment instead the usual penis expansion devices and stay-longer creams.

Nevertheless, I think I’ll pass on this occasion.




I think that covers it.

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