Never forget, Nadine Lies.

I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

Nadine Dorries. Self-authored, self-serving pile of bullshit at Comment is Free. Same old selective memory.

In my seven and a half years as an MP I think it is important to state that I have never taken a single day away from parliament on one of the many jollies most MPs enjoy to various parts of the world.

Oh rilly???

6. Overseas visits

11-15 June 2006, to Israel hosted by Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI). CFI contributed the costs of flights, accommodation and some meals. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Official Guests Department) contributed to the costs of travel inside Israel, some accommodation and meals. (Registered 29 June 2006)

Source – Register of Members’ Interests, Nadine Dorries

No, there are absolutely no foreign jollies on Nadine’s record whatsoever.


For the record, Parliament was in session between the 12th and 15th June, 2006.

Matters debated that week, while Dorries was away on the jolly she’s conveniently forgotten included the lack of progress in implementing the recommendations of the Bichard Inquiry (at PMQs) , the Electoral Administration Bill, Lords amendments to the Work and Families Bill, the Fraud Bill and a lengthy ‘European Affairs’ debate on the fallout from the failure of the EU to push through its constitutional treaty, which took lace in advance of discussions at the European Council on what would eventually become the Lisbon Treaty.

Nothing important, then.

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  3. She also missed a whole week of Parliament in December 2009 for her debut reality show appearance, in Channel 4’s ‘Tower Block of Commons’.

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