Tory Chartjacking Attempt Backfires

Over the last day or so, you might have noticed that the Tories have tried to respond to the campaign to propel Judy Garland’s ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ to the top of the music charts with a bit of chartjacking of their own.

The Tory contender is a rather obscure 1979 track by the Lancashire punk band the Notsensibles called ‘I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher’, which the Tories have so far managed to get to the number 6 position in the current live download chart on the back of a Twitter campaign which appears to have been led by Louise Mensch and which uses the #GranthamStyle hashtag.

Ah very clever, eh?

Or at least that’s how it might well look until you check the lyrics of the song…

I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher

I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher

I’m in love …with Maggie T

I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher

I’m in love with Margaret Thatcher

I’m in love …with Maggie T


Oh Margaret Thatcher is so sexy

She’s the girl for you and me

I go red when she’s on the telly

‘Cos I think she fancies me


You’re promoting those lyrics as a tribute to a recently deceased 87 year old grandmother???

However disrespectful you might consider the ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ campaign to be in this particular context, the song itself is a perfectly innocuous and inoffensive piece of fluff from an old and much loved children’s musical and, therefore, entirely devoid of even the merest hint of the Wayne Rooney’s let alone, in these circumstances, a foray into the realms of necrophilia.

Nice ‘tribute’ folks, but you really should have checked the lyrics first…

One thought on “Tory Chartjacking Attempt Backfires

  1. Necrophilia? You’re grasping at straws. You think no-one listened to the song before buying it?

    It’s an excellent tribute, we’re remembering the woman she was during her revolutionary leadership, and not the woman she became after her battle with age and dementia. That’s what you do when people die, remember them at their best moments

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