What men value in this world is not rights but privileges*

Oh dear, it looks very much as if the Church of England has got itself into a bit of snit over the government’s efforts to promote greater integration in Britain’s Muslim communties according to the Sunday Telegraph… The Church of England has launched an astonishing attack on the […]

Life, the BNP and everything – well a few things anyway

Within the Labour movement, I think we can take it as read that we all understand the importance of tackling racist political partieshead on – you know exactly who I mean; that’s something we can all agree on, I should think, even if we sometimes differ in our […]

Following the money…

From a series of posts on his blog,- [1] [2] [3] & [4] its looks very much as if both myself and Iain Dale have been simultaneously working on the same question – just what was John Prescott actually doing in visiting Colorado-based Billionaire, Phillip Anschutz, at his […]

Schrödinger’s Baby…

As spineless capitulations go the recent efforts of Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor to reignite the debate on abortion on the back the technical arguments about foetal viability is up there with the best of them, whether that be the pseudo-science of the so-called ‘intelligent design theory – which manages […]

Superstition and the Smithsonian

In today’s Indy (behind the PPV firewall as usual, dammit!) Phillip Hensher has a sorry tale to tell of dinner conversation with Sir Martin Rees, the Astronomer Royal. Rees, as he tells the story, was speaking to a senior figure at the Smithsonian Institution and having first complimented […]

Irreducible Stupidity

Nice of the Torygraph to give a platform to Stephen C Meyer, one of the leading proponents of the supposed ‘theory’ of intelligent design, as his article nicely illustrates everything that is wrong with this unscientific piece of crap and its supporters. That life evolves is a matter […]

The Supreme Homunculous

The first part of Richard Dawkins’ polemical documentary on religion, The Root of All Evil?, has certainly sparked plenty of debate and, not unsurprisingly, brought all manner of believers out in force to tell all the good things that there are about religion. I’m going to wait until […]

Why do men have nipples?

I wonder can anyone who supports the supposed theory of intelligent design please explain to me that if there is some sort of intelligence shaping the development of the universe then why do men have nipples? I mean it’s not as is the serve any particular purpose, is […]

Playing Dice with the Universe

You might well think that any association between Dubya and the word ‘intelligent’ is, at best, tenuous and most likely an oxymoron. Yet here we have America’s leading ‘monkeyman’ wading into a debate about science teaching in US state schools on the side of teaching the theory of […]