More Britishness

On the BBC website we have the following headline: Britain ‘needs stronger identity’ A headline which, once you find out the stry refers to Michael Howard talking about ‘Britishness’ on the Today programme could just as easily read: Son of Romanian Jew lectures Britain on its sense of […]

More knee-jerk[off] reactions from the Safety Elephant

Not content with pitching the idea of a cyber-war on terrorism, Charles the Safety Elephant now turns his attention to violent pornography on the strength of ‘shock, horror’ one case in which a violent sex offender was allegedly ‘addicted’ to sexually violent internet porn. The suggestion seems to […]

The Executioner’s Song

“Where the home in the valley meets the damp dirty prison, Where the executioner’s face is always well hidden,” Bob Dylan – A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall So it now transpires that not one single ‘fact’ in the account of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at […]

Being British

With everything that’s happened in the last few weeks it’s no real surprise to find that we’re back onto that perennial political favourite; trying to define exactly what it is to be British; a topic of debate which invariably ends up as being little more than a bit […]

Playing Dice with the Universe

You might well think that any association between Dubya and the word ‘intelligent’ is, at best, tenuous and most likely an oxymoron. Yet here we have America’s leading ‘monkeyman’ wading into a debate about science teaching in US state schools on the side of teaching the theory of […]

Committing Treason

I’ve decided today that I’m going to break the law: deliberately break the law. So here goes: I am a committed republican. I’ve nothing personal against the Queen you understand, it’s simply that I believe that the monarchy is an outdated and archaic institution which has no place […]

Not so dumb as it might seem

First up, brilliant stuff from Blood & Treasure on the latest, seemingly dumb, pronouncement from the Home Office – well worth a read especially for this… An Afro-Caribbean Englishman a Sino-Irishman and a Scots Muslim of Pakistani descent went into a pub. “That Hazel Blears

Robin Cook

Like every one I’m obviously shocked by Robin Cook’s sudden and untimely death. His speech on resigning from government over his principled objection to the Iraq war bears re-reading several times over however, having just watched the BBC News report, which included footage of his closing remarks in […]

Drowning in absurdity again…

I think everyone would view this story with revulsion… Security forces in Israel have been sent to the town of Shfaram, where an Israeli soldier was lynched after he shot dead four Israeli Arabs on a bus… …Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon called the shooting a reprehensible act […]

Drowning in absurdity

Victor Keegan, in the Guardian, draws the inevitable parallels between Orwell’s ‘1984’ and growing support for use of surveillance technology – nothing much wrong with the article other than the inevitable and rather clichéd trotting out of Orwell yet again. However is did provoke this absurd comment from […]