Another Day, Another Fisking

There’s a first rate ruck going on over at Crooked Timber arising out Daniel having noticed that the agenda of Unite Against Terror seems to be expanding to include attacking the BBC for not editorialising its news coverage in the style of Fox News. Oddly enough, since this […]

The pro-war left gets a good fisking…

The whole piece that follows is basically a comprehensive ‘fisking’ of an article by Anthony Browne which appeared in the Sunday Times, earlier this week, and which has been held up be several pro-war blogs as a synopsis/exemplar of their position on Islamic radicalism. All you need to […]

If ignorance is bliss…

…then Stephen Pollard must be the happiest man on the planet. I’m certainly not alone in wondering just what the fuck this guy has to do with the Labour Party given that he makes Blair look like a raving Trot – Antonia Bance is certainly wondering the same […]


Hoon is not a name for a politician. Ok, so it lends itself nicely to the apt nickname ‘Buff’ and to the good folks of Australia (and Earls Court) it describes the kind of idiot who drill holes in the exhaust of his car to make it ‘sound […]

Horrific viewing

Via the Observer blog comes this footage of a police offiver in Palm Beach, Florida, using a taser to subdue a ‘dangerous’ criminal… … a 22 year old woman who’s been stopped for a traffic offence. (Note – requires Quicktime and sound turned on for full effect, so […]

Building Never-Never Land

Okay, after savaging the pro-war left a couple of days ago I think its time I set about courting a bit more controversy and shooting another sacred cow along the way, even if I do it in a rather more considered manner. Q. In this whole escapade that […]

Root Causes and the Lesson of History

On June 28th 1919, Britain, France, Italy and the United State of America force upon Germany what ultimately turned out to be the most inequitable, humiliating and downright stupid political treaty of the 20th Century, the Treaty of Versailles. This one single treaty, which was devised in the […]

You’re not failure, you’re just deferred…

“Deferred success” should replace the idea of failure for low-achieving pupils, a teachers’ organisation will hear at its annual conference. Now I know that a few bloggers have reacted scornfully to this suggestion but just think about for a minute, it actually has it’s merits. Failure is such […]

Tyndall Dead

Former BNP leader John Tyndall has shuffled off this mortal coil and gone to the great cross burning in the sky. Not much more to say really apart from that the reports suggest he died all alone and there’s one less Nazi in the world – which is […]

Could he with reason murmur at his case,

…himself sole author of his own disgrace? William Cowper So passes into ignominy the career of Sir Roy Meadow, eminent professor, paediatrician and as lousy an expert witness as has had the misfortune to grace our legal system in some considerable time. Of course misfortune is a relative […]