We don’t need no Steenkin’ Kitemark

I think this more or less sums up my feelings about Lord Hunt’s suggest that bloggers might like to voluntarily sign up to a PCC-run kitemark scheme… Actually, I should point out, as well, that the term ‘Kitemark’ is a registered trademark of the British Standards Institute, which […]

Dear PCC… We’re NOT fucking stupid!

I feel a bit of a rant coming on and I should warn you in advance – if the title isn’t already a dead give away – that it may get a bit sweary in places, although I will try to hold it together for the sake of […]

Press Regulation and the impending death of the PCC

If you’re looking for a good argument for greater regulation of the British press then perhaps the best one around at the moment is the unedifying sight of Britain’s national newspapers collectively shitting themselves at the mere thought that someone, somewhere, might actually come up with a regulatory […]