Dorries and the ‘abortion industry’

As a bit of a coda to my last piece on Nadine Dorries’ mendacious conduct, it is worth noting with due reference to her habitual and tendentious practice of referring to ‘the abortion industry’ that prior to entering Parliament she was, for around a year, a director of BUPA.

And if one consults the Department of Health’s list of independent abortion providers, one finds the following:

  • BUPA Alexandra Hospital, Walderslade
  • BUPA Hospital Bristol
  • BUPA Hospital Bushey, Watford
  • BUPA Hospital Leicester
  • BUPA Hospital Washington
  • BUPA Murrayfield Hospital, Wirral
  • BUPA North Cheshire Hospital, Warrington

Was that an remunerated directorship, by any chance?

  • “Conflict of interest”? Of course not.