Hoon is not a name for a politician.

Ok, so it lends itself nicely to the apt nickname ‘Buff’ and to the good folks of Australia (and Earls Court) it describes the kind of idiot who drill holes in the exhaust of his car to make it ‘sound better’.

In fact Hoon isn’t really a name at all, its just the sound of a drunken Glaswegian vomiting in the gutter at 3am on a Sunday morning…

…which is why you get idiot comments like this…

“I’m aware that the Home Office will be looking at that. Certainly in recent times there has been enhanced security for those leaving the country as well as for those coming into the United Kingdom.

It’s one of those arguments that we have used to support the idea of identity cards, because it is vitally important that we are able to say who is in the United Kingdom at any given time.”

…in response to the news that Osman Hussain, who was wanted for his part in the attempt bombings of 21st July and who was finally captured in Italy last week, had managed to leave the UK five days after the attempted bombings and during what must have been the single biggest manhunt in recent years by simply getting on a fucking Eurostar at Waterloo Station – what are the odds he got to Waterloo on the fucking Tube as well.

Look, Geoff, as it obviously needs to be selled out to you in the simplest terms possible, let me explain.

The problem here was not that he had been issued an ID card, the problem was that there was no one fucking there to check it anyway even if he fucking well had one in the first place.

This is not difficult.

You’re looking for several suspected terrorists who might try to skip the country, so the first thing you do is post a 24 hour guard at all major points of exit – ports, airports and the fucking Eurostar terminal – and you keep that in place until to catch the buggers or you find solid evidence to show that they’ve skipped the country by other means, say a light aircraft or, more likely, across the channel in small boat.

Now, in this case this clearly didn’t happen – otherwise the guy wouldn;t have got out of the country by such a stupidly obvious method, which means the correct response is not to start bleating about ID cards or wait for the Parliamentary Security and Intelligence Committee to see if there are lessons that can be learned from this, the correct response is to identify who the stupid tosser is who was responsible for the failure to implement the proper security checks at Waterloo and hand them a fucking P45.

There is no particular lesson to be learned in this case other than the lesson that someone, and it looks like its down the to the Home Office and its immigration staff, didn’t do their fucking job properly and as what should have been one is so blatantly obvious that anyone could see it, any possible excuse they could up with is total bullshit.

In case that’s a bit difficult for you, lets make it even easier.

It’s a two-step plan.

Step 1 – Find of who’s responsible for not having proper checks in place.

Step 2 – Make them an appointment at the Jobcentre.

Now just get you head out of your ass and get on with it.

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