You’re not singing any more

Interesting split in today’s blogosphere.

Tracking through my regular run of RSS feeds using the Sage plug-in for Mozilla, its noticable what while a significant number of blogs that I know to be, by varying degrees, either opposed to the Iraq war or at least sceptical of the direction things are going have plenty to say on the subject of the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, but when it comes to the markedly pro-war blogs… almost nothing.

With one honourable exception, if your daily blogging diet takes in only those who slavishly promote the interventionist line on Iraq, and more pertinantly, the ‘moral agency’ stance on terrorism then you might come to think that this had simply not happened and there was not possibility that this man could possibly be a liar – after all who would want to think that the most senior police officer in the UK was a liar – not me, I tend to be careful when it comes to calling someone a liar in case I make a mistake and they turn out not to be a liar after all.

I wonder, have they not seen the news today? Or would be safer to assume that we have apologists for extra-judicial killings amongst us.

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