Fish, Barrel, Shotgun

Yep, as you might guess from the title there’s more of Polly Pot’s patented pearls of wisdom to be shot at. In today’s edition of ‘Polly’s Follies’ we find her turning her attention to the thorny question of removing juries from complex fraud trials – she’s in favour, […]

Mything the obvious

Yep, I was right. The ongoing shambles that is the CSA is rapidly turning into amother issue in which it is impossible to conduct a reasoned and mature debate. Today’s dose of crass gender politics comes courtesy of Zoe William’s in the Guardian who’s pissed off that men […]

Credit where none is due

Plenty of good material on Bush, Blair and the Al-Jazeera memo out there with honourable mentions going out to Bloggerheads, Blairwatch and one of Scaryduck’s alter egos, Robber Rabbit – must also mention Don’t Bomb Us, a blog by Al-Jazeera staffers. Meanwhile, over at the Observer, Peter Preston […]

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

This report (quoted below) from Friday’s Independent, has quite rightly attracted the opprobrium of several bloggers including Justin (Chicken Yoghurt), Jeremy (My Way Of Thinking) and Mark (Longrider). A day earlier, Mr Blair had told MPs: “We do not agree with the use of torture.” Pressed over whether […]