Aren’t we forgetting someone, Condi?

Rice accuses Iran and Syria of incitement over cartoons The United States accused Syria and Iran of using the international row over cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to incite anti-Western sentiment as worldwide protests continued and Islamic anger turned against Britain and America… …Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of […]

Chopping Up Granny

One of the real joys of visiting Dr Crippen’s blog is his knack of getting right to the bone of the issue… Most death certificates are no more than a doctor’s best guess as to cause of death. Some are works of speculative fiction. A death certificate usually […]

Arses and Elbows

I don’t know, you spend all fucking day arguing the need for common sense and rationality in dealing with the complexities of Middle-Eastern politics and then you come across this… Iranian regime opponents need more support The more I think about it, the more I believe the most […]