AC knifes DC

With all due respect to both Tom and Neil, the whole ‘Flip Flop’ thing with Cameron is starting to tire already and its only been a couple of days – best not overdo it… ..but if you really want to stick the knife in Cameron then look no […]

Well I suppose its not quite as bad as orange jumpsuits

Clarke unveils plan to jail fewer criminals Charles Clarke today unveiled plans for more convicted criminals to serve their sentences in the community. The Home Secretary was today launching the National Offender Management Scheme (Noms), a five-year strategy which will promote community penalties over imprisonment as punishment for […]

Oi Safety! No!

Clarke calls for Tory terror help Home Secretary Charles Clarke has warned the Tories they are “weakening” the fight against terror by opposing the government’s proposed laws. He urged MPs to back ministers’ plans to introduce an offence of “glorifying” terror in a vote next week. Mr Clarke […]

What the fucking hell is this?

Let me get this straight… We currently have before Parliament, a new bill – the Legislative and Regulatory Refrom Bill – which will allow Ministers to ‘amend, repeal or replace legislation in any way that an Act of Parliament may do’ by Ministerial Order – without the time […]

Gimme a ‘C’… Gimme a ‘U’… You can work out the rest!

Well that don’t that put the icing on the fucking cake. Yes, our fearless Danish defen-duhs of free speech are back with their latest wizard wheeze. Remember this is newspaper that set itself up as a shining beacon of free expression by commissioning the ‘Mohammed Cartoons’ only to […]