Blair ‘shamed’ by Edward I

Blair shame at ban on Jews

The banning of Jews in the year 1290 was a shameful moment in our history, he said.

The country was "all the poorer" for being devoid of a Jewish community.

The prime minister’s hard-hitting outburst was made in the programme at a London concert marking the 350th anniversary of Jews being welcomed back.

The decision to reverse the explusion – in 1655 – was an important step towards Britain becoming "a tolerant and multi-cultural society", he said.

A side from noting the irony of a Scot (Blair) apologising for the actions of a King of England whose tombstone sports the following inscription:

Hic est Edwardvs Primus Scottorum Malleus – Here lies Edward I, Hammer of the Scots

Can anyone honestly say their reaction to this isn’t – what a grovelling, obsequious, little piece of shit!

Does anyone seriously believe that Blair really gives a flying fuck about the expulsion of the Jew from England in 1290 when he’s not giving a speech to a Jewish audience at a concert marking the 350th anniversary of decision to reverse the expulsion – I’m sure Blair lies awake at night agonising over just what a major-league bastard old Edward Longshanks was…

…at least when he’s not worrying about how he’s going to broach the subject of an apology for that nasty business with Boudicca when he next bumps into Romano Prodi.

What the fuck are we going to get next? Maybe a letter to the Prime Minister of Mauritius apologising for the negative impact tjhat the extinction of the dodo has had on their fucking tourist industry…

Still, seeing as Blair has no difficulty apologising for the sins of long-departed historical figures, that does give me an idea – why not try blaming Captain Henry Morgan for Iraq War and Dick Turpin for last year’s bomb attack on London. you never know, we might even get a public inquiry…

4 thoughts on “Blair ‘shamed’ by Edward I

  1. Aye, it’s worse than that though. He apolgised for the Guildford Four, though he was a guitar playing student at the time. Yet he also seems to think that Labour were wrong on crime and wrong on the Human Rights act, but will he apologise for things he might actually have done? Not a hope.

    Of course, if he did apologise for Human Rights, there could be a noticeable exodus from the Labour Party, but I think he’s so detached from what his own members think, that that would never occur to him. Instead, it’s all about pride.

  2. I cannot believe that anyone would think that Mr.Blair is so devious and shallow as to pull a stunt like this.

    Being a man who cares I think that he did it out of the goodness of his ballot box. As a politician I dont suppose he is the only one whos eye is firmly placed on the ballot box.

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