Fascists Re-united

Bob Piper picks up a nice little story from the ‘you couldn’t make it up file’:

Most people won’t have heard of the England First party. There’s no real reason that you should have done because they’re crackers, but they did persuade the people of Blackburn and Dawen to elect two of these divvies on to their local Council….

…What the England First Party don’t tell you on their web site is…. one of their newly elected councillors whose manifesto called for a ban on mixed-race marriages…. is of African descent.

Picking up from Bob, there’s a couple of other things that this lastest bunch of knuckledragging idiots also neglect to mention on their website. for one thing they’ve apparently – or should that be hilariously – been ‘proscribed’ by the BNP, which rather makes you wonder just what kind of far-right nutters we’re dealing with here if they’re considered too extreme for your average bunch of far-right twats…

…or perhaps not, as a little digging around for information on the provenence of this group turns up an all-too familar name lurking in the background, as the EFP’s domain name turns out to be registered to a particularly nasty little fascist cocksucker by the name of Simon Sheppard.

As some of you will certainly know Sheppard has more a bit of previous form – for one thing he was thrown out of the BNP in 1999 for distributing an unauthorised leaflet which resulting in the BNP’s regional organiser being hit with a High Court injunction – this same leaflet also Sheppard sent down for 9 months for publishing and distributing racially inflammatory material.

Ordinarily, I’d leave it at that but having seen the written exchange between Sheppard and Nick Griffin over this leaflet, it really is for too funny (and illuminating) not to publish in full.

Of course, the story starts with the leaflet, itself, from which this extract is taken – it should give a good idea of where Sheppard is coming from:

Jews are in England unlawfully, since the Edict of Expulsion of 1290 has never been repealed. Now these illegal immigrants completely control our news and TV and never miss an opportunity to portray the MULTI-CULTURAL MESS [his caps, not mine] as a normal state of affairs.It was Jews who wrote the Race Relations Act, now called the Public Order Act, a law used exclusively against British Men who defy THE NEW TYRANNY in which people are afraid to say what they think…

This prompted the following letter from Griffin…

Do you know anything about the purported BNP leaflet sent out supposedly from PO Box 531, Hull?

It has led to John Tyndall and our Yorkshire Regional Organiser having injunctions taken out against them by the National Exec of the Labour Party. If any more go out they’ll go down for contempt of court.

Also, its hysterical tone could only put off ordinary people and can only do us harm. The police are now looking at it from a Race Act point of view. If you are responsible for it, forget any future co-operation on publishing projects. If you are not, and someone has used an address you control without your permission, expect your front door to come flying off its hinges shortly – unless you contact the police straight away to point out that it’s nothing to do with you. Thirdly, if you’re not connected with the address at all, but have an idea who it is, please let me know straight away.


Nick Griffin

Nick’s obviously not a happy bunny here… not that this deters Simon, who responds…

Dear Nick,

Thank you so much for your support of our common Nationalist cause. It’s always gratifying to receive messages of encouragement and support when fellow BNP activists are up against it. We are reassured that the BNP leadership is solid and united in its firm stand against the cosmopolitan forces of pseudo-liberal evil.

I would also like to thank you for your unwavering loyalty regarding the updating of ‘The Mindbenders’. I know that you have acquired (as a result of your trusted position within the BNP) a file of materials for the updating of this essential and important publication, and although we may have our minor political differences, I’m happy that you are mature enough to see beyond these and release the information, so that the greater objective is achieved.

I am a relatively recent convert to Nationalism, having only been a member of the BNP for three years or so, but in the course of reviewing numerous earlier Nationalist publications, such as ‘New Nation’, ‘Nationalism Today’ and ‘The Rune’, I have been impressed by your consistent political line.


Simon Sheppard

Do you get the feeling that Simon’s missed something here – like the little matter of the leaflet? Nick does…

Nick Griffin wrote:

Yes, thank you for that, but would you please answer the question?


All of which leads to this:

Dear Nick,


I designed the leaflet. It was approved in conjunction with David Hannam, who is the organiser for the new Hull branch. On 7th and 8th June, in the rain, with occasional help, David and I put out approx. 1,500 leaflets in the Hull Avenues area. We successfully leafletted Mandela Avenue, Wigger Way, Pakistani Avenue and Victoria Falls, the four main avenues, as well as Politically Correct Way and a goodly proportion of the inner-city cesspit which adjoins it. At midday on 8th June we were stopped by a local Community Policeman in St. Ninian’s Walk, as we were en route to leaflet Chinese-Chippy Avenue, and following radio reference to Special Branch a senior officer came by car to survey the leaflet and instruct the CP to arrest us.

David spent 5 hours and I 6 hours in the cells before being given tape-recorded interviews. I in particular gave a robust defence and said that the police were being manipulated to nullify certain groups’ political opposition, and also that the law under which we were held was invalid; since Jews are in England unlawfully, their laws are void: "No cause can arise from an illegal act."

I also told the police that they should be ashamed of themselves for arresting members of a political party for putting out election leaflets two days before an election.

While I was in the cells my flat was searched, although apparently perfunctorily, and the remaining 1,500 leaflets seized.

We have both been bailed to appear on 14th July on the basis of an "alleged offence or charge" of "DISTR RACIST PAPERS" which, of course, does not exist as an offence.

Three hundred replacement leaflets, entirely different in content, were hastily printed and distributed along Chinese-Chippy Avenue early in the morning of 10th June. These leaflets stated "This leaflet replaces an election Communication which was confiscated by the Police."

On page 7 of the June 11 issue of the Guardian the following report appeared:

"Labour yesterday blocked distribution of an anti-Jewish leaflet published in the name of the British National Party which – polls suggest – has little or no chance of a seat.

"Labour went to court in London to have an injunction in place until next week to prevent the leaflet being distributed anywhere in the country. The party argued it was an incitement to racial hatred. The leaflet, urging the public to vote for the BNP in yesterday’s election, was published by the Hull BNP."

The matter seems to have been entirely ignored by the local newspaper, the Hull Daily Mail. Probably the bulk of the Labour Party’s chagrin is due to us taking the political initiative using a locally-directed, humorous leaflet with a strong and appropriate message.

Today, Sunday 13th June, the Avenues has been leafleted by the "Hull Anti Nazi League" – "Last week the Avenues was polluted by the distribution of a poisonous leaflet from a supporter of the nazi British National Party…"

For the information of BNP members the Hull BNP leaflet will be posted on the heretical.co.uk website within the next few days.

Simon Sheppard

Now the more observant amongst you will notice that Simon still doesn’t appear to work out that Nick’s a bit pissed-off about the leaflet and the BNP getting nailed with a High Court injunction – clearly he hasn’t got his thinking head on yet, so it’s no real surprise to see him get this last missive from BNP HQ…

Dear Mr. Sheppard,

It has been reported to us – and we understand that you do not deny – that you were responsible for publishing a leaflet bearing the party’s name but never authorised by the party, which has been the subject of a court injunction against the BNP Regional Agent for Yorkshire & The Humber, Richard Mulhall.

This is in violation of Section 8, Sub-Section 2, of the BNP Constitution, which makes it clear that:-

    "All publication of party literature at local level and on local initiative will require the consent of the party’s national head of Publicity. This consent may be obtained by the prior submission of any such literature for inspection by the party’s head of Publicity or by the prior granting to the local officer concerned by the party’s head of Publicity of authority to print such literature as he or she sees fit – which consent shall only be given to those judged to be competent in that endeavour."

As neither of these conditions were observed in the publication of the leaflet in question, you have been deemed guily of an offence against the party Constitution. In view of the very serious nature of this offence, and the potential damage done to the party in consequence, it has been directed by the Leader of the party that your membership be terminated with effect from the above date.

Yours faithfully


Ian Dell

(Officer in charge Internal Security and Discipline, BNP)

Please feel free to add as many oo-er missus comments you like at finding out that the BNP has an officer in charge of ‘internal security and discipline’.

You should get the general picture, but in case that’s not enough to convince you – and for many people just the name Simon Sheppard is convincing enough – then here’s a very short sample of hsi other work:

Firstly, some men claim that only a particular kind of women go with immigrants. This is not true. I actually measured this (sitting at the side of a shopping mall with a clipboard over several weeks) and confirmed that the tendency to race-mix was led by women. Further, the tendency was expressed by women of all ages, ugly and attractive, and across all social classes. (I am excluding from this analysis Unstable Females, who are the first to defy social conventions, and who pave the way for others – when women see that UF’s successfully get away with it, they follow suit. UF’s in the past would have been burned as witches, or similarly persecuted, in order to prevent this.) You can see this for yourself, from the "common slapper" picking up a nigger at a nightclub to Princess Di opening her legs for Dodi al-Fayed.

Sheppard claims to have a degree (BSc) although this has never been verified and, frankly, I doubt any university would ever lay claim to having educated him – although If anyone did go to university with him. He also claims to be a psychologist and has self-published a couple of books, which are sold through his website, from which one can also view some of his other ‘work’, which he claims to be ‘suppressed science’ but which is best described as ‘complete and utter bollocks’.

It appears he’s also banned from Hull University; Hull College; University of Lincolnshire and Humberside Library; All branches of ‘IT in the Community’; Brown’s Bookshop; York University Library; RIOD Library, Amsterdam – he is certainly banned from all public libraries in Hull, for reasons which should be apparent from this letter:

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your letter of 17 November about my being banned from Hull’s Public Libraries. I do not deny using blunt language, in the Yorkshire tradition of plain speaking, but it is far better that anger provoked by blatant totalitarian censorship be directed at the culprits rather than misdirected. I shall not be planning any bombing campaign of public buildings, nor will I encourage anyone else to do so, but I can well understand the motivation of someone that did. It is my opinion, and I am certain that it will be the verdict of history, that our "public servants" are guilty of criminal fraud.

  1. The selection of journals in the Central Library is just one area where employees of the Council abuse the public trust by selecting publications to promote their own political agenda. It is their duty to serve all the people of Hull, not just ethnic minorities who were brought into this country against the wishes of the British people, a policy for which no democratic mandate was ever obtained.
  2. The staff at the Central Library have been informed on several occasions that many of the "photographs" in their books are forgeries. They continue to issue those books knowing them to be fraudulent. Anyone who knowingly perpetuates a lie is a liar.
  3. Numerous displays have been allowed in the Central Library which I find extremely offensive. Recent examples include the promotion of homosexuality and "Why British women are turning to Islam." At the same time, my own library display, particularly about the Anne Frank Diary, was banned, when my only objective was to present the truth. In fact I have spent many hours studying the original Dutch text of the Anne Frank Diary and my conclusions are not unfounded.

The truth is only suppressed by State officials when criminals are in power. In summary, I stand by the text of my leaflet, 13,000* of which have now been distributed in the Hull area and beyond, that the Central Library, and practically every other source of information, has been taken over by liars, cheats and traitors.

Yours faithfully,


Simon Sheppard

As you might guess, the photographs that Sheppard claims to be forgeries relate to the Holocaust.

Sheppard is also the founder of the Redwatch website, which rather embarrassing still includes its ‘noncewatch’ section even thought its main, and probably only contributor, Ian Keith Gomeche, has a history of psychiatric problems… oh what the hell, let these guys explain the story.

In short, Sheppard is racist – with anti-Semitism a particular speciality – homophobic and mysogynistic, in fact he’s about as foul as its gets when it comes to far-right knuckledraggers irrespective of whether he’s bullshitting about his academic background as well.

If some of the EFP’s policies weren’t evidence enough of the kind of low-grade morons that the good people of Blackburn and Darwen are going to be stuck with on their  council – particular favorites of  mine include…

All Upper Houses to be abolished in the newly devolved nation states, should they exist, and to be replaced by a British Isles Forum Of Nation States to be sited on the Isle Of Man… or we can all meet round Uncle Nigel’s if the sea crossing looks a bit choppy

The EFP believe that the multi-racial experiment is a disaster for the stability and social well-being of our country, and that the continuous liberal policies of endorsing and positively embracing this phenomenon are at the expense and suppression of the indigenous population as a whole. The Race Law Act will be repealed and free speech will once again be available to anyone who opposes this draconian and restrictive restraining order. Hey, you guys go ahead and repeal the ‘Race Law Act’… if you can fucking well find it!

The EFP are in favour of a return of Capital Punishment and believe firmly that if ‘one lives by the bullet, then one should die by it’. No chance of you guys living on your wits, then…

We will endeavour to stop the Americanisation of our country, and in particular, the impact that it has on our inner city youth, whether it is in the display of clothes, gang affiliation, degenerate music, language or simply the aspirations to mimic American contemporary lifestyles and attitudes. WTF? Degenerate Music? Hello, and welcome to Top of the Pops and stright in at number two this week it;s Handel’s Messiah…

Abortion. This will not be abolished, but in all cases other than rape and foetal disability, the women and or couple will need to explain to a councillor why she/they require an abortion. Who’ll do what precisely? Refer them to the Abortion committee? That’s COUNSELLOR, shit-for-brains!

The Queen must become more nationalistic and less pro-internationalist. If the will exists amongst her subjects that she no longer speaks for the people of this country, then a referendum shall be held to determine whether we become a Republic or not with an appointed President as the new head of state. This I’ve got to see – ‘we will fight them on the racecourses and in the banqueting halls…

And, of course, in their usual endearing fashion, there’s plenty of waflle about St. George – who was born in Lydda, Palestine to a Palestinian mother and and Cappadocian father – which in modern terms makes him a Turk. Then again St George is also the patron saint of syphilis – can’t help thinking that that’s not unconnected…

Still, if that’s not convincing enough, then just remember the kind of company these tossers keep.

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