Dave Hill’s got a book out y’know.

This, from Pickled Politics, is well worth a read, just for the glorious run of pisstakes of Oliver Kamm that I appear to have accidentally set off in the comments.

Is the book any good? Buggered if I know, but according to the shill on Amazon, the Times seem to like it.

What I really would like to know, though, is why the fuck he sold his custom ‘Superyob’ guitar to that twat out of Adam and the Ants?

3 thoughts on “Dave Hill’s got a book out y’know.

  1. Mr Pirroni is not a twat, though he happily admits to being a tosser. At least he pays taxes to the British government, which is more than you can say for a lot of artists who sold that many records. And the guitar has a loving home, which is great.

    On a Slade related note, did you know Noddy Holder does the voice in the lift at Walsall Art Gallery?

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