These are some comparisons that came to mind between Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler

The other day I mentioned a little project I’ve been quietly working on, that of turning some of the ‘thoughts’ of ‘Steve Freedom’ (aka local BNP Councillor, Simon Smith) into a few usable campaign materials for, well, anyone campaigning against the BNP in their local area.

I think we all know the score, here. Under Nick Griffin, the BNP are doing everything possible to conceal their real views and opinions from public sight and present a wholly false image of themselves as a party who’ve left behind their racist/anti-semitic/generally fascist roots. The value in my work, earlier this year, in tying a local BNP councillor back to his psudonym, ‘Steve Freedom’, on the Stormfront forums, lies in capturing the views of a BNP member as expressed while they were off their guard and posting in a ‘sympathatic’ environment – one in which they felt able to drop their public face and say what they really think.

As is my usual modus operandi, some of the images I’m putting together for these resources may offend a few people along the way – which is good, because if you’re not offended by the BNP and their values then there’s something seriously wrong – and I make no apology at all for any offence caused. All I ask is that you look at the images (when released) in context and consider the message they convey.

And if you are offended, don’t moan at me. I’m only interpreting (visually) what Simon Smith had to say, and if you don’t like that then don’t vote BNP.

So, as a little bit of teaser, I’ve posted a preview image of one of the posters that will be included in the pack (below) for you perusal and general edification – enjoy.


Oh, and feel free to use the image if you like as long as you accept two simple conditions. First, keep the image in context, please – use it in its entirety or not at all – and second, a link back to this post would be nice if you can manage it.

6 thoughts on “These are some comparisons that came to mind between Jesus Christ and Adolph Hitler

  1. That’s excellent work, both the principle and the excellent poster.

    Here’s a comparison that came to mind between local BNP Councillor, Simon Smith and Adolph Hitler: they’re both nazi bastards.

  2. Erm – wait one minute.

    Wasn’t Jesus Jewish? And where exactly in the Talmud does it discuss Jesus?

    Get ’em, Unity.

  3. All of those listings are very vague and many are seen in not just those to leaders but many other even our us presidents, it is not accurate to say it is bullshit because it is true but u can’t say that these few traits make them the same because they are very vague and u could pick any 2 people and list their similar traits easily being that lacking in descriptiveness,
    numbers 6 and 12, well u could come upon many people with these qualities, they both died early reasoning y they didn’t have offspring
    numbers 6,7, 9, 13 are all common in impactive leaders jesus and Hitler being very impactive i would be surprised with it.
    The ones that relate to jews are all coincidences to say that say both interacted with jews because of the same reason is absurd becasue one acted jews in prejeducy when the other tried to change the jews with an unfriendly responce.

    in discussed
    Jesus Christ

    ps chris, jesus converted from judiasm and created Catholicism

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