Hypocrisy is a fickle mistress…

Apropos of my last post and the Honourable Member (in its double entendre sense) for Monmouth, David – with a nonentit-‘e’ Davies – Laban Tall has kindly popped up in the comments and pointed me towards this fine example of David’s unquestioned commitment to equality and tolerance. Sunday, […]

From here to nonentity

In every hyperventilated political ‘scandal’ there is, inevitably, backbench MP on the make and desperate to get his name in the paper, and the Tory MP for Monmouth, David Davies, has to be one of the more desperate examples of a political nonentity you’re likely to find anywhere […]

Important: Churches Given Concessions in Sexual Orientation Regulation

I don’t often repost information from a previous article I’ve written, expecially one posted only a few minutes ago, but this is important enough to merit such action. To be absolutely clear, while researching Northern Ireland’s version of the Sexual Orientation Regulations for this post (I generally research […]

Don’t it just beggar belief.

If today’s Indy is correct then it seems the cat may be out of the carefully concealed bag in the matter of Ruth Kelly’s real intentions for the implementation of the new Sexual Orientation Regulations: A row has broken out in the Cabinet over how far the Government […]

How to lose an argument…

If you don’t know who John Band is then really are missing out on a treat. On Monday, Gideon George Osborne announced that a future Tory government would shaft the Guardian overhaul public sector recruitment by setting up a government-run central website to advertise all public sector jobs […]

Killing the Golden Goose.

This may seem a strange charge to lay at the door of our notably technophiliac (when he doesn’t have to use it himself) Prime Minister but I’m going to make it anyway. I accuse Tony Blair of sqaundering the potential benefits of information technology, in the House of […]

What’s the collective noun for morons?

What would say the collective noun for morons is? If the last couple of weeks is anything to go by, the answer is ‘Call Centre’. Like a lot of people, my partner had a store card with a very well known retailer of children’s clothing – at least […]

More tea, Vicar? No, thanks. I’m on a work to rule.

I’m a bit bored after that whole Nikkogen thing and looking for something fresh to get my teeth into, something new. Even the intellectual charnal house that is Mad Mel Phillips is not going to be enough today. So, I as delighted to stumble across the sententious musings […]

Entropy: It’ll get you every time.

I’m basically a reasonable kind of person, which is why, following yesterday’s ructions with Nikkogen, I think its only fair that I explain in a little more detail why I’m rather skeptical about their proposed power generation system and the claims made for it, not least because, to […]

Nikkogen Redux

A short while back, I posted an article which, in general terms, expresses the same kind degree of scepticism about claims made by a new company, Nikkogen, as expressed by Tim Worstall in this article, which came about as a result of Tim’s blog being spammed by Ray […]